League of Legends World Championship 2016

With all regions finished their summer season competition and wild card competition results had come out, now we can see who gonna go into world championship in North America 29 September – 29 October 2016.

You can check teams list on: gamepedia

Based on the previous years result, we can expect Asian team domination as always. But it depend on the group draw result which suppose to be drawn on 10 September 2016 at 11:00 PDT. So hopefully, we can expect team like SKT T1, Rox Tigers, FW, AHQ and China teams can dominate the upcoming tournament and bring back the trophy to Asia continent again.

2016-04-24 Ghost in the Shell Live Action

Ghost in the Shell Live Action Movie

Yeah! Another anime goes to live action movie, it’s Ghost in the Shell….. Is what I want to say, however after reading couple of article from the internet it seems most of us (if not every GitS fan) have low expectation for this movie.

The main reason for now is the cast for main character Major MotokoKusanagi will be played by Scarlett Johansson. There are concern about Hollywood’s habit of ‘whitewashing’ Asian roles with white actors and actresses which usually have different perspective about Asian culture or in this case Japanese culture as the movie was based on Japanese culture settings.

Nothing against Scarlett Johansson acting skills as she has proven it time over time through her blockbuster movies, but Hollywood’s history when they took over Asian based movie script were worrisome. Also there were some report mentioning that they consider to use CGI to adjust to casts look to be more Asian.

For those who forgot (or still remember) some of the ruin movies are The Last Airbender, Dragonball Evolution and many more. So lets how this live action movie will be good in the future or at least until we see first trailer.

Source: Discover Magazine, GQ

2016-04-23 league of legends patch 68 taric

Back to League of Legends

After watching CLG and G2 won the final for their respective LCS region, I suddenly want to play League again. To be honest after 2 years of absence, the game feels so different especially the items and patch changes.

Right now, I’m playing at Indonesia Server for best latency. But my main account is still stuck in OCE. So time to level up again to level 30 and buy champions, runes, etc. After playing couple of normal games, I feel it’s gonna take a lot of patience with Indo players in terms of their attitude (a lot of rager and flamer). Though I found few good people to queue together.

For now, I feel my skills still ok to get few wins. Don’t know how I’m gonna hold up when I play ranked again.

Been a While Update

Been a while since I update this website, ever since real life stuffs getting more hectic. Also been trying to start my food blog at mifoodjournal which also stuck at design.

I guess I don’t have a lot of talents in web design, so I just design to brute force it with pre-made web template that I got from my friend.

Hope it will work ok, since I’m lazy to spend a lot of time to fix the web design. So hopefully, I will have enough commitment to keep updating.


Thea: the Awakening Intro

A new indie turn-based strategy game that was released recently Thea: the Awakening where you are playing as a God in a desolated world and need to guide your people to survival. The world is build on Slavic Mythology, a religion older than Christianity (wiki)

The game itself is similar to Sid Meier’s Civilization with a story and more decision making quest where it might change the AI responses.

Launch Trailer

You will start by picking a God with its unique benefits, through game-play you will earn experience to level up each God you choose.

Next will be managing your village, this IMO will be the biggest difference compare to Civilization series, where you set each villagers to gather, craft and build. Each villagers will have different status and skills which can make a difference on doing certain tasks.

The scouting or map exploring is not much different. But when you found a ruin or attack other creature on map, you will options on which action to take. Additionally, it may end up with battle with card mini-games system.

That will be it for the simple introduction for me, its time to play the game itself. So if you are interested in the game, below is the link to Steam Store page.

Come back for more indie games intro or details in the near future.

Steam Store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/378720/


HearthStone - Priest

Learning Hearthstone – Journal #3 Priest Aggro/Combo Deck

TL;DR: This is a aggro/combo deck, it is not the best out there but its sure fun if I can get the combo and hit opponent unprepared.

Well… I’m gonna skip the deck type and play style journal to make this Priest deck post. Why? because, I just made a random deck that was quite weak in the late game. But with correct spell, it is possible to create a 10/10 or 20/20 minion by turn 5 or 6.

I’m pretty sure someone who already play a lot of Hearthstone had find this type of deck or though about it, but for me this is an exciting moment :). You can check my current deck in here.


So the basic Idea is to play around with Inner Fire and Divine Spirit spells while using a low mana cost minions with low attack damage.

Hearthstone - Inner Fire Hearthstone - Divine Spirit

For example, a 5 health minion get buffed by 2 Divine Spirit spells will get 20 health and Inner Fire will put their attack to 20 as well. This will put them straight into the danger zone or kill them in one shot.

Best scenario, by turn 4 you dropped a 5 health minion like Lightspawn or Chillwind Yeti. It is possible to finish the game on turn 5 IF it stay full health, alternatively play any minion with 3+ health along side it and hold the combo till turn 6. I guess this is what they called miracle turn 6 style. Also make sure you killed any minion with taunt on the previous turn.

Hearthstone - Lightspawn

Back up plan, on turn 6 with no taunt on enemy minions and we have at least a minion with 3+ health. Open up with Power Word: Shield spell then the combo it will give the same 20/20 result.

The most important thing when playing this deck is be flexible when to use the Inner Fire Combo and do the math before hand, even a 1/1 minion can be 12/12 minion at the end of the turn.


#1 MAIN weakness, you don’t get the combo cards. If this happen switch to aggro style and start hitting your opponent face so you can use a lower number combo to kill your opponent.

#2 weakness is TAUNT! Make sure you killed the minion with taunt before using the combo. It will be pointless to have a huge number of damage if you can’t hit the face.

#3 weakness are removal spells, such Execute, or silence for Lightspawn minion which will stop you from doing any damage. It can be avoided by putting a bait and having a 3+ health minion on board by turn 6.

#4 weakness is secret, it can ruin your day especially if you are facing mage with counter secret or hunter with freezing trap. Though some secret won’t completely ruin the game, it may delay the finishing blow or change the game course so maintain pressure when it happen.

EARLY GAME (Turn 1-3)

Try to get either Northshire Cleric (Best for turn 1 drop) or Acolyte of Pain to get more cards on your hand while hitting your opponent face or maintaining your board control.

Hearthstone - Northshire Cleric Hearthstone - Acolyte of Pain

By turn 3, hopefully you have the board control. At this point, your opponent health will be around 25-30. Now if by any chance you have an Ironfur Grizzly (or any other taunt card) and a Lightspawn card on your hand plus Inner Fire and Divine Spirit on hand. The next following turn will be crucial to end the game quickly, although it is very rarely happen according to plan since this game is really based on luck of a draw.

The most important thing in the early game is to read how the opponents play style:

  • Against Handlock – go aggro as quick as possible to chunk their health to 20 or below, so you have more alternative option to play the combo.
  • Against Aggro or Control or Face – gain the board control, use taunt to stop their quick damage and to bait them to play removal cards.

MID GAME (Turn 4-8)

Regardless when you gonna play the combo, by turn 4 you need to make a decision as how to finish the game. If you think you can get the best scenario drop, go for it and use the 5 health minion as a bait for the opponent to try and kill it while keeping another 3+ health minion alive. As for the rest of the turn, be careful with the weaknesses that I mentioned above.


Even though I said upgrade, this is an alternative option since one of the card is only available through adventure.

First one is Spectral Knight, the best part is this card can’t be targeted by spells or Hero Powers. So if you have a board control with taunt available, with full combo you are pretty much have a guaranteed 32 damage (6 + 2 -> 8 x 2 -> 16 x 2) on turn 6. Without any secret or protection that is a one hit KO on the condition enemy minions can’t hit your Spectral Knight for 1 turn.

Hearthstone - Spectral Knight

Other possibility is Stormwind Knight with Charge, this is more for late game insurance at turn 9 or earlier. If you go aggro and can get your opponents to 10 health at any turn above 6, you can one shot it with Stormwind Knight and Divine Spirit. If somehow you can’t play the combo earlier due to your minions keep being cleared try to hold on till turn 9 and make sure the opponent is around 20 or less health.

Hearthstone - Stormwind Knight

League of Legends Captain Fortune

Captain Fortune Login Theme (New Miss Fortune’s Skin)

With the newly released Miss Fortune skin called Captain Fortune, we have a new themed login coming with it.

Riot Games did not satisfy with giving us a new skin, they also updated Miss Fortune’s lore where it mentioned the dead of Gangplank.

For those who haven’t read the lore, this is part of it where it mentioned “the death of Gangplank”:

Miss Fortune has risked everything to make her opening move against Gangplank. Plots within plots have seen the Dead Pool blown to flaming wreckage at the quayside and the self-professed King of Bilgewater overthrown. Best of all, everyone in Bilgewater saw him fall. Now, with Gangplank deposed, every reaver captain and ganglord in the port city is vying to take his position.

They really take it seriously by putting a notification that Gangplank is dead and being disable from the game.

League of Legends - Gangplank EventIn response, Riot’s release a statement:

Champion death is unprecedented in League of Legends, and we do not take it lightly. We encourage all Gangplank fans to remain calm for a few days until we can fully assess the situation. At this time, we are not addressing refund requests for him or his skins but please know that over the next several days we’ll do our best to make things right for everyone.

While the lore itself didn’t really mention the exact death of Gangplank, will it be the last breath for Gangplank in League of Legends?

Read more on Bilgewater’s event site.

Source: Kotaku, PC Gamer, League Wikia



Learning Hearthstone – Journal #2 Adventure Packs

After playing Hearthstone for a week, I have unlock all the classes and got most of them to level 10. Aside from Paladin and Priest, don’t know why but I’m not that keen on playing them for now.

Since I have decided to play Ranked games with basic deck and few new cards from the classic packs. While it is possible to get to level 20 by playing with other new people, I’m struggling to get past level 19 since most of the other players had Grim Patron, Mech decks and others strong card which can be unlocked from adventures or crafting.

Although Hearthstone is a free-to-play game, it is hard to push the win and earn 10 gold per 3 wins. Even if I’m doing daily quest which give 40 or 60 gold. It will take a long time before someone can build a strong deck through crafting.

Why is that? Because, to buy a new pack you need 100 gold and to unlock 1 row of adventure you need 700 gold. So it will take sometimes for someone to gather enough gold to unlock the adventure and have enough dust to craft specific cards. For example, if you want to build a Grim Patron Warrior deck. You will need Blackrock Depths from Blackrock Mountain, this is the most value for gold right now, where you will get Grim Patron and Emperor Thaurissan.

Emperor ThaurissanGrim Patron

So I have decided to purchase both adventure, since it take a long time to do it. Even so I’m still don’t have enough dust to craft more cards, time to grind Normal and Ranked games and hope for rare card which give 400 dust or a rare drop such Dr. Boom from card packs.

Curse of Naxxramas

Curse of Naxxramas

Blackrock Mountain

Blackrock Mountain

Maybe during my next update I will write more about the decks and play style after I play more game and do some research on the net about which deck to play. On the side note, I have decided to build Hunter (Face), Warrior (Grim Patron) and Shaman/Mage (Mech).

Art of Gundam

The Art of Gundam Exhibition Now Open in Tokyo

The Art of Gundam Exhibition finally opened in Tokyo this week at Mori Art Centre, Roppongi Hills and it will run until 27 September 2015.

The exhibition showcase 1:1 scale RX-78-2 Gundam head, few GunPlas, original arts, storyboards and posters. Two of the Gunplas are made from real metals which one made from gold and platinum. Additionally, Toyota also contributed by featuring Gundam theme cars.

Platinum and Gold GunPlas

Art of Gundam 1

During the opening on 18 Septemeber, Tooru Furuya was present as a special guest and unveiled Toyota’s Zaku II and Char-Zaku cars as well as the 1:1 scale Gundam head which is a replica of the original anime’s final scene. Tooru Furuya was seiyuu for Amuro Ray.

Art of Gundam 2

Once you satisfy with touring the exhibition, you can buy Gundam merchandises, such as GunPla models, arts and pocky Gundam as well as limited edition Gundam in gold and silver color, on their shops.

For those who are interested you can visit this exhibition on Mori Art Exhibition, 6-10-1, Roppongi Roppongihiruzumoritawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

– source: SGCafe, Kotaku, Art of Gundam Exhibition